5 Pre-Workout Snacks

  1. […] carbs for energy. Aim to have this snack within 90 minutes of starting your workout. Check out this post on the best pre-workout snack […]

  2. […] Intuitive eating is not performance focused, but is focused on listening to your body. Sports nutrition on the other hand focuses on nutrient timing and optimizing performance with food choices. Thus, combining sports nutrition and intuitive eating can be the best option. There may be times where you have to eat for energy or recovery when when you may not be hungry. Listening to hunger cues is important, but so is proper nutrition before and after a workout. By fueling properly AND practicing mindful eating, it is easier get all of the nutrients you need and enjoy eating stress free. Looking for some pre-workout snack ideas? Check out our blog on 5 Pre-Training Snacks for inspiration! […]

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