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I’m Lexi. As a dietitian, I’m on a mission to help active women fuel their bodies and create a healthy relationship with food and exercise so they can live life more freely. When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my family and our very rambunctious chocolate lab while also staying active in my own life. These days, I love a good workout but also a comfy rest day full of movies with the fam. 

My own struggles with food and exercise is what led me to do the work that I love. Food is confusing. I get it. As a teenager, I struggled with disordered eating and a little too much of a love for exercise. What started as “being healthy,” quickly led to food rules, rigid exercise, and weight fears. Even after I healed my relationship with food and exercise, I spent most of my twenties still not knowing exactly how to fuel my body and active lifestyle. It took me years to find the right balance between what my body really needs and my love for good food, an active lifestyle, and a full life. Even as a dietitian!  

I’ve seen first hand the impact that diet culture, nutrition misinformation, and comparison has had on not just me, but so many of the women (and men) I’ve worked with. I started ENW because I wanted to help others enjoy food, live life to the fullest, and avoid the impacts of low energy availability and diet culture. 

Through a mixture of non-diet nutrition advice, intuitive eating, and sports nutrition, I take my clients from a state of not knowing where to start to food, body, and exercise freedom. I'm extremely passionate about what I do and helping my clients live a healthy, but FULL life.

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- Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) 
New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
- Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitian Association (CPSDA)     
- The Body Positive Institute
- The Yoga Alliance 200 HR RYT Yoga Instructor

Lexi Moriarty, MS, RD, CSSD, RYT is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), and body positive facilitator.  After becoming a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and gaining professional experience with disordered eating, she knew she wanted to help active women fuel their body and find food freedom through more than just her day job. From there, ENW was born.

She spent over 4 years as the Clinical & Sports Dietitian at Princeton University working with division 1 athletes and students in the areas of sports nutrition, disordered eating, GI concerns, hormone imbalances, and weight goals. She was an integral part of the Eating Concerns team where she supported students with eating disorders as a part of an interdisciplinary treatment team. She also served as a leader in sports nutrition by providing team talks, educating about sports nutrition on social media, and helping coaches better fuel their athletes.

As someone who loves staying active in her everyday life, a mom who is determined to protect her kids from toxic diet messages, and someone who previously spent way too much time overthinking food, Lexi is most passionate about combining her specialties in sports nutrition, disordered eating, intuitive eating, and low energy availability (or RED-S) to support people of all fitness levels on their food journey. 

Lexi currently lives in Westfield, NJ with her husband, two kids, and their chocolate lab, Bodhi. She is an avid runner, lover of yoga and travel, and someone always navigating the POT-S life. 

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Meet Our Team of Non-Diet Dietitians

Registered Dietitian & Eating Disorder Specialist 

Erin graduated from the coordinated program in Nutrition and Dietetics at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. Since graduating, Erin has worked as a dietitian in various clinical settings as well as having worked per diem for the outpatient Renfrew Center in Mt. Laurel, NJ, where she became passionate about working with people with eating disorders.

As a dietitian, Erin strives to help clients nourish their bodies in a way that is adequate, sustainable, flexible, and enjoyable! She understands the path to make peace with food is an ongoing journey and believes in meeting people where they are at, to best support them every step of the way. 
When it comes to working with clients, Erin knows how important it is to look at the “whole picture”. She has a strong clinical background and is comfortable helping people navigate their eating along with other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. She is also a certified specialist in oncology nutrition. 
Erin loves to travel, especially exploring new cities and hiking trails. Her most recent adventure has been living in Hawaii for the past 2 years while her fiance was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Registered Dietitian & Certified Sports Dietitian

Matt is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. He received his Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech in Nutrition Education and served as a graduate assistant in the athletic department working as a sports RD.

Throughout his professional career, he has worked in various clinical settings where he has gained experience in sports nutrition, weight management, and eating disorders. He has also worked extensively in the counseling setting and believes firmly in making clients feel comfortable and motivated to reach their goals, big or small, with the intention of tailoring a plan for the specific individual. Working through fears around food, steering away from diet culture, and trusting the process over time is a great place to start!

Matt is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports and Human Performance Nutrition (SHPN), and Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA). He resides in Hoboken, NJ, and enjoys playing baseball and beach volleyball, running, and cooking in his free time. 

Matthew Luongo, MAEd, RDN, CSSD, CDN 

Erin Laverty, RDN, LDN

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